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Hi, I am Elena! Thank you for visiting A Is For Apple AU. A little while ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and I wasn’t even 40 years old back then. I always believed that I was living a healthy lifestyle and the diagnosis was a BIG shock to me. Let’s be honest, to have arthritis doesn’t sound cool! Somehow it is linked to being old -, isn’t it? But this wasn’t my biggest problem. The real problem was that I was in a lot of pain and it affected my life significantly. The simplest things, like putting on the socks and tidying up my shoes in the morning, would bring me to tears. Some days I would have to ask my husband or my son to help me!! Believe me, that’s not fun!

The only positive thing about being diagnosed with osteoarthritis was that now I knew what caused my pain and I started to look for solutions. I am a dietetic student and it won’t come as a surprise that the first thing I looked at was my diet. I quickly found out that the worst thing I could do to flare up my symptoms was to eat gluten and sugar. The mornings after I had pizza or pasta for dinner were the worst. So these food groups had to go, completely. Now I eat and enjoy a gluten-free diet and share my favorite recipes on this blog. 

So welcome to my personal blog, A Is For Apple Au! Here I collect and share all the things I found to be interesting and useful on how to fully live and enjoy my life despite the diagnosis. Health, a positive mindset, and diet are the few things that I am interested in.

Let’s beat it together!

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I really hope that my journey will help you to make some shortcuts on your way to a pain-free life. Arthritis is not fun and we shouldn’t accept it as a normal part of our lives.

Here at A Is For Apple Au I share all the findings, books, recipes, articles, videos and exercising tips that helped me. I also would love to have a dialogue and hear from you about how you manage your life with arthritis or celiac disease. Please leave your comments or send me a message – I would love to hear from you!

Let’s get healthy and pain-free

I am a big believer that we give away too much power over our lives to large corporations. The food and pharma industries have too much say in how we live our lives. I strongly believe that we can easily change that. We vote with our wallet every time we purchase something. We always have an option to shop locally and buy fresh and natural ingredients and avoid highly processed food as much as we can. It is important that we educate ourselves so we are able to make up our own minds about what is good for us and what is not. By doing this we will enjoy healthier, happier lives and make this planet a better place. I also believe that we need to start at home, start with ourselves and our families. 

Let’s make this planet a better place for ourselves and for future generations! Let’s get healthy, happy, and pain-free!