Thermomix Coleslaw Recipe

This Thermomix coleslaw recipe is all a real homemade coleslaw should be. It is crunchy, creamy and full of fresh flavors. So effortless and so delicious.

Thermomix coleslaw on a large white plate

Thermomix coleslaw recipe

Our whole family loves this creamy coleslaw. It goes so well with all kinds of meals, chicken or fish. It is also a perfect side dish for a Sunday backyard barbecue. This classic side dish is a summer staple for a reason!

I personally love coleslaw because it is an easy way to get a lot of vegetables into my children without much fuss. They love my homemade coleslaw and they especially like this Thermomix version.

Why make Coleslaw in Thermomix

If you are lucky enough to have a Thermomix, you will know what a time-saving kitchen appliance this is. This quick recipe is not an exception. It is:

  • Super easy to make, in fact, 5 minutes are all you need.
  • No chopping, shredding or mixing, Thermomix does all the hard work for you, but the end result is just as good as the original recipe.
  • No washing up. Only the Thermomix bowl needs to be washed, but I am sure you know it is not a big deal.
  • Budget-friendly. It only requires a couple of simple ingredients from the grocery store or your local farmers’ market.
  • This coleslaw recipe is gluten-free and is absolutely safe for you if you have coeliac disease or gluten intolerance.
  • It is kid-friendly. Because of its fine chopped texture, this recipe reminds me of KFC coleslaw, just much better. It is creamy and very easy to eat.
  • Coleslaw is a perfect keto side dish if you are following a keto diet.

As you can see this is simply the best coleslaw recipe ever!

Coleslaw made in a thermomix on a white plate

Ingredients for thermomix coleslaw

As mentioned above to make this homemade coleslaw in a Thermomix we will need only a few ingredients. In fact, only 5 ingredients are needed, not counting salt and black pepper.

  • Cabbage. White cabbage or green cabbage is your best choice. Make sure you choose a nice fresh cabbage. A coleslaw is only as good as the ingredients you use. You can also add some red cabbage or purple cabbage for a colourful coleslaw.
  • Carrots. Same here, you need fresh crunchy carrots.
  • Apple provides a little sweetness. I like green apples because they are not as sweet as the red variety, but it is absolutely up to you what apples you use. You might even want to make this coleslaw without apples.
  • Lemon. We will need freshly squeezed lemon juice, to balance the flavours. If you prefer you can use apple cider vinegar instead of lemon juice.
  • Mayonnaise. Probably the most important ingredient in this recipe and together with lemon juice they will make up the creamy coleslaw dressing.

See the complete recipe in the recipe card below.

What mayonnaise to choose to make coleslaw

Choose the best quality mayonnaise you can afford. Look at the ingredients list. Many types of mayonnaise are made using canola oil or other vegetable oils that are far from good for your health. More often than not, they don’t even contain eggs. A good quality mayonnaise is made with good quality oil, fresh eggs and some lemon juice, that’s it, nothing else.

Is the coleslaw gluten-free?

This coleslaw recipe is made with fresh ingredients that are naturally gluten-free. However, be careful when using store-bought mayonnaise. Some of them might contain gluten. Make sure to read the label and as already mentioned above a good quality mayonnaise should not have a long ingredient list.

How to make Thermomix coleslaw

From start to finish this easy recipe requires five minutes. Let’s do it!

  1. First thing peel the carrots and cut them into 4-5 pieces, and put them in the Thermomix bowl.
  2. Roughly chop an apple and add it to the carrots. It is important that apples and carrots are going into the bowl first.
  3. Cut the cabbage into smaller pieces and transfer them into the bowl, followed by mayonnaise, salt, and black pepper.
  4. Process everything for 3 seconds on speed 4. Scrape the ingredients down and process them for 3 seconds on speed 4 again. The best coleslaw ever is done.

💡 You will have to be your own judge if the consistency is good enough. You might need to process the coleslaw a little bit longer depending on how many ingredients you have.

Transfer the coleslaw into a serving bowl and enjoy.

How to store thermomix coleslaw

You can refrigerate the coleslaw for 2-3 days in a fridge in an airtight container. This is a great make-ahead / meal prep option for the busy week ahead.

Can I freeze coleslaw?

You can’t freeze this coleslaw because of the mayonnaise which doesn’t freeze well and separates when defrosted.

Can I freeze dry coleslaw mix?

Yes, you can freeze the dry coleslaw mix. Simply put all the ingredients in a freezer bag, remove the excess air, and freeze it for up to two months. Defrost it naturally in the fridge and dress it with the coleslaw dressing (just a fancy word for mayonnaise and lemon juice 😉)

coleslaw on a dinner table

Tips and tricks to make Thermomix coleslaw

  • Do not overfill the Thermomix bowl. If you are making a big coleslaw to take to a barbecue party, make sure to make a couple of batches. For best results only use as many ingredients as recommended in this recipe. Otherwise, you might end up with a coleslaw that is half mashy and half chunky.
  • Don’t put too much mayonnaise into the Thermomix. It is better to add a little more at the end than have a coleslaw that is too greasy. I found 2 large tablespoons and lemon juice from half a lemon is just the right amount for this easy coleslaw recipe.
  • This recipe is made without onions. Firstly my kids don’t like the taste of onions in their coleslaw and secondly, I found the onion pieces, when processed in the Thermomix, are too large for good coleslaw.
  • If you like to add some extra flavor to this salad, add some fresh herbs. Parsley, coriander (cilantro) or dill all work well.
Thermomix coleslaw salad

Thermomix coleslaw recipe

Elena Elliott
This Thermomix coleslaw is done in five minutes and is filled with great fresh flavours. A great quick alternative to a classic coleslaw when you are short on time.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Salad
Cuisine European
Servings 6 people


  • 300 gram white cabbage, roughly chopped (or any other cabbage you prefer) Approximately 1/4 of a medium size cabbage, roughly chopped
  • 2 carrots, peeled and rougly chopped
  • 1 green apple, quartered and cored
  • 2 tablespoons of good quality mayonese You can add some more after, if you like your colesalw a little more creamy.


  • Place carrots and apples in the Thermomix bowl, followed by cabbage, mayonnaise and salt and pepper.
  • Chop for 3 seconds on speed 4.
  • Scrape the coleslaw down sides of the bowl and chop again for 3 seconds on speed 4.
  • You might need to repeat the step a couple of times until the desired consistancy is achieved.


Serve immediately or refrigerate for 2-3 days.
For best results only use the amount of ingredients as recommended in this recipe. Otherwise, you might end up with a coleslaw that is half mashy and half chunky.
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